Santa is for babies

Last year, it was clear that Evan was wise to the Santa game, but he didn’t say anything too obvious. Maybe he was hedging his bets just in case. All of his older siblings reached an age where they went from believing to playing along without any acknowledgement of the change. This year, Evan is […]

Sarah’s letter to Santa

Alright Stephen Colbert , you have got some ‘splaining to do. The Jeep that hasn’t moved in several years is very unlikely to be functioning by this summer. Other than that, I think Santa will get some of the things Sarah has asked for this Christmas.

Amy’s letter to Santa

The love for Santa and the desire for a Barbie whose shoes will immediately disappear seems normal for a 6-year old. The rest of the letter confuses me. The ride from Santa and the bell can be lumped together and blamed on The Polar Express. Before this letter, The Polar Express was just a Christmas […]

Dear Santa,

The children have written letters to Santa. The youngest two want rides on his sleigh. The middle child wants a little bit of everything. The teenage girl is asking for things that she shouldn’t have to ask for as a gift. The teenage boy whose first semester at school suffered because of excessive electronic gaming […]

the Santa whisperer

In the escalating love-hate struggle between the 3 and 6 year-old, I have been cautiously optimistic that the 6-y-o would eventually start using her brain and stop using her tears. Yesterday, instead of the usual scream like a banshee and wail in misery because he “wouldn’t stop looking at me,” Amy locked herself in her […]