Stereotyping publishers

I have come to realize that I handicap books based on the size of their publishing house. I expect the books from corporate giants to be perfect. Errors in spelling, grammar and aesthetics are somehow inexcusable. They are jarring distractions that take me out of the story. I don’t race off to type and snail mail an angry letter. I’m a different crazy than that. Instead, I mentally judge the book more harshly. “That’s one less star on Goodreads for you.”

Any and all problems in books from the tiny print houses make a voice buried deep in my head mumble, “Editor” as I imagine someone’s Grandma doing the editing for free. Continuity error? Editor’s fault. Font inconsistency? Editor did it. All mistakes in the books from the payroll companies are the forgivable fault of not enough budget for editors. Ignore and keep reading.

I read on a curve. I stereotype books.

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