The Standards

When scrolling the guide to choose something to watch, there are a few movies that always make me stop scrolling and start watching. They are movies that I can quote verbatim. They aren’t necessarily considered “good” movies, but I love them. When Doug has the remote, he stops on them just because he knows I’ll twitch if he scrolls past them. That and he’s a good guy.

Movies I can’t stop watching (in no particular order):
Galaxy Quest
Fifth Element (I know it looks like a genre theme, but…)
Princess Bride
Garden State
Clue (now it seems like it’s all dated movies, but…)
Secret Life of Walter Mitty

I have no idea why these movies trigger my comfort zone, but they seriously do.

One thought on “The Standards

  1. I have my collection of movies that stop me in my tracks as well. I’m willing to bet most people do (whether they realize it or not). Some may not get talked about because they may qualify as “guilty pleasures” to some (in other words enjoyable movies but certainly not academy award material).

    2 of them we have in common
    The Princess Bride

    My others
    Top Gun
    Who Framed Roger Rabbit
    Star Trek IV
    The Addams Family
    Rocky III and IV
    Bennie and Joon

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