four long years

It occurs to me that at the end of the coming four years with the least qualified and most unpleasant (nee racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynist, xenophobic) administration the United States has known since Andrew Jackson,

1. Andrew Jackson will seem slightly less awful and

2. America will be great again when Trump leaves office, so

3. I guess that’s how he makes it great again. He leaves.

The Kakistocracy/Kleptocracy era we are about to endure is so obviously a deliberate effort to destroy the country while Trump continues to run his businesses with this country as collateral. Trump bought America to use as leverage for his personal business deals. He doesn’t care about Americans. There is so much awful in the staff he is assembling that I am consciously picking and choosing my battles. When the unemployed who voted for Trump because they believed he would bring back jobs that technology made obsolete don’t regain their old jobs, I’m going to shrug. When the olds who voted for Trump because they think he’s a good businessman lose their healthcare at gastroenterologist brooklyn ny, I will shrug. I’m not joking. Life’s too short for this garbage. I’m really upset, I think I will go play some video games with elo boosting services to relax a little.

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