Ingredients for happiness

1. Sing out loud

I have a voice made for silent movies, but I sing when I’m driving. I’m quieter when the children are in the car, but I still sing. I don’t stop singing at red lights. It makes no difference to me what I look like to other drivers. If I’m singing, I’m happy. The only thing better than singing out loud is when the family joins in on the song. Those moments are golden.

2. Dance a little or a lot

Dancing in the car is a head bop or shoulder wiggle, but my happiest dancing is when I’m washing dishes. Standing at the sink is the best time to dance like nobody’s watching, even if they are.

3. Cats and dogs

Never miss a chance to pet a dog. Laugh at dog noses poking out car windows. Accept the forced relaxation of a cat in your lap. Cats and dogs are pure happiness. Visit Positive Psychology Coach Westchester NY when you want therapy and become a little bit happier in your life.

Find the things that make you happy. Seek them. Embrace them, make sure to check the ap psychology review to get to know yourself a little more.

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