Beyond the usual creepy weirdness

On October first, the big off-brand Rubbermaid style buckets get dragged up from the basement so that the children can scatter bats and skulls and assorted Halloween decorations all over the house. When November arrives and it is time to pack it away, a few favorites will become part of the permanent house decor. We’re […]

Invisibility shield, activate

“You and dad are BOTH going to walk me across the field on senior night. I don’t care if you’re in jeans and a t-shirt or one of your Molly Weasley outfits.” I need to borrow one of those full body T-Rex outfits, asap.

Talent not included

“If you put the time you spend reading into writing, you could publish a book. Make some money.” “Mmmkay. I’ll go ask the hospital if they’d let me perform a brain surgery. Probably more money there. Might offer to be someone’s lawyer at the court house. That seems to pay well.”

Car update

The dealership repaired the seat belt. The back window has been replaced a second time because it didn’t take the first time. I didn’t know that was a possibility, but if there’s rare chance of anything strange, you know we’re bizarro magnets. The back door latch opening and closing incessantly and the multiple safety alarms […]

Water wasters

The characters in romance novels are the opposite of environmentalists when it comes to wasting water. They shower half a dozen times a day. Their hair must be moldy from never actually drying. Hot showers. Cold showers. Long, long showers. They must have magical water heaters and someone else paying their water bills.

I see you searching

There seems to be a theme among people who end up here because of an Internet search. After all this time, shouldn’t the state of TN have a central database of information and assistance for descendants of the Georgia Tann’s victims?

Nostalgia for what

Every year on this day, the ‘America was love and brotherhood on 9/12/01’ memes get plastered on social media. I can understand people who were children on 9/11 thinking this. The adults saying it need to do some serious reflection about how they experienced the day and weeks after 3000 people were murdered on live […]