laundry and dishes

It’s time for my annual declaration that this is the spring we are going to put up a clothesline. Our current dryer takes 2-4 times longer than our washing machine AND our dryer is too small for most quilts and sleeping bags. In a few weeks, I will make my annual declaration that there is nowhere on our property that is sunny enough for a clothesline and what we really need is a second dryer.

Before I can start whining about our imaginary clothesline, I need to yell at the dishwasher.

Cathy, nobody cares if the weekend weather has been so beautiful that it gives you the attention span of a squirrel. People can’t eat if you leave the dishes soaking in the sink. Dishes must be scrubbed, rinsed and dried regardless of the weather. Quit staring out the window and go wash the dishes.

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