Cleaning up my tech clutter

my charging station
It was fine and dandy to have a nest of tangled power cords on and under my desk when my workspace was in the kitchen. When I moved my space to the basement, the mess of cables became a distraction. So, I began my quest to clean up my mess by counting the number of items with charging cords. With that number in mind, I sought out a small wheeled cart. Upon finding the right cart, I put a single electronic in each drawer. The bottom drawer became the storage for the power strip with all of the charging cables plugged into it. An easily accessible drawer near the top became the spot for my MomAgenda and a file folder of current paperwork. Voila. Mom’s junk is now organized and one single cord peeks out the back of the cart to plug into the wall outlet. Eventually, I will cable tie each power cord to its drawer to prevent unplugged cables from slithering out of the cart.

I labeled the drawer contents in this photo, but the genius of this project is both its simplicity AND that it should be personalized for your needs. If you need a cart for all of the family phones, you might prefer to use something like this. If you have several RC vehicles to charge, you might use something like this. Maybe you need to see the items and want something sturdier than plastic, like this. Regardless of the item you choose for your power station, the end result is going to be less tech spaghetti. Nobody wants spaghetti you can’t eat.

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