Dear Knox County Schools,

When School Matters was created, I pretty much stopped writing about school topics on this blog. As the site has gained users, I realized that I was spending more of my time nudging discussions and calming tempers than just writing what was on my mind. That ends now. When the Superintendent search was narrowed down […]

git yer hand stamped

So, I went to the Color Guard competition Saturday night. It was in a very northern area of Knoxville which I rarely visit. As I paid the parental extortion fee to watch my own child performing in her half a grand a semester activity while wearing 50 dollars of makeup, the person collecting the fee […]

Stir Fry Cafe

I am more than a little bit infatuated with Stir Fry Cafe. For less than 10 dollars, I can have a dinner of miso soup and Brooklyn rolls. Just before New Year’s Eve, I got a cell phone message promoting sushi and drink specials at, well, I don’t know for certain where because there was […]

just a bit of ash

We have a friend who talked about the damage mining does to the ecosystem long before the Kingston spill. We’ve been pestering this friend to say something in the aftermath of this giant mess. The friend decided to take water samples and photographs before giving an opinion. Our friend needs more evidence than “looks yucky” […]

I heart Phil Fulmer

I don’t care about sports. I do want to remind everyone that Phil Fulmer is one of the good guys. Besides being a really nice person, he has been very active in the Suicide Prevention programs in TN. He needs to be paid what he was promised and thanked for the many good things he […]

and the 3-y-o beat up the 6-y-o

With 5 children, we are very lucky we don’t spend more time at doctors and hospitals. The children sensed that we were overdue for an ER visit and set out to remedy the situation. I knew it would be Amy or Evan who had the next big boo-boo. Watching the two of them interact is […]

Dear Knoxville therapist,

You have a special talent for connecting with Aspie children. Even though we no longer see you, I recommend you to the half a dozen newly diagnosed families who call me every month. Well, I used to recommend you. I will no longer do so. I stupidly ignored when you would talk to me about […]

signs Knoxville needs

Gallaher View – “Stay in your lane or stay off this road.” West Town mall stairwells – “Do NOT urinate in stairwells. Moron.” Nubbin Ridge – “No joggers. Ever.” unisex bathrooms – “No quickies when other people are waiting for restroom.” & “Bathroom NOT soundproof.” Everywhere else – “No spitting on sidewalk. Yuck.”