Dear Knoxville therapist,

You have a special talent for connecting with Aspie children. Even though we no longer see you, I recommend you to the half a dozen newly diagnosed families who call me every month. Well, I used to recommend you. I will no longer do so. I stupidly ignored when you would talk to me about other patients. I shouldn’t have. Now I hear that you are talking about my child. More than talking about him, you are telling other families that my child is one of your only two failures. You are entitled to your incorrect opinion of the level of my son’s success, but I am furious that you are talking bad about my son to other people. That is unprofessional and if it continues, I will file a complaint with the state. Stop talking about my son. Now.

12 thoughts on “Dear Knoxville therapist,

  1. wow very unprofessional! and down right creepy what about hippo? hippa? heppa? oh those privacy laws whatever they are called

  2. If he’s even mentioning that your son was a patient of his, or has any kind of condition at all, he’s violating HIPAA confidentiality laws.

    He is allowed to use a patient in examples or discussion if that patient or family is unidentified. How specific you can be varies on the case, though. Can he say, “2 out of the 10 patients I have treated have been failures”? Yes. Can he say, “2 out of the 10 patients I have treated have been failures, especially the kid who played Warcraft all the time, went to X High School and now goes to Y College, that has the wacky red-headed mom? Probably not. Can he identify him or you by name? Absolutely not.

  3. I still believe he’s a good therapist and much needed in this community. Professionally, I am disappointed that he won’t make examples without names and very identifiable details. Personally, I know that my child is not a failure.

  4. Your son is most definitely NOT a failure. I was so proud when he went to college, that it felt like my own son. Don’t let this person hurt your feelings! We all know the truth.

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