I heart Phil Fulmer

I don’t care about sports. I do want to remind everyone that Phil Fulmer is one of the good guys. Besides being a really nice person, he has been very active in the Suicide Prevention programs in TN. He needs to be paid what he was promised and thanked for the many good things he has done.

3 thoughts on “I heart Phil Fulmer

  1. Thank you for reminding me that there’s a human behind the clipboard. Much as many of us have called for his head in the sports world, he’s clearly a humanitarian and that should be remembered.

    It’s the exact OPPOSITE of how I felt about Jimmy Johnson in the 90s in Dallas: you hated the man but loved the coach. He just wasn’t a very nice person. His coaching prowess, however, was excellent.

    I do love sports and all, but I think I’d rather be known as a good person rather than a good coach, if I had to choose between them. . .

  2. As one of those who was hollering for him to move on, I’m glad to see this. Phillip *is* one of the truly good guys, and I know this season has been difficult for him. His blood runs orange as much as ours, but was time for him to move on from the football program. I hope he remains as active in the TN community as he has been for nearly 2 decades.

  3. I’ve been reading lots of articles and posts tonight about the changes coming for UT football. It amazes me that people can me so ugly and mean spirited about a person. Is Coach Fulmer the best college football coach? No, but I am sure glad he gas been our coach these past 15 years. I believe he is honest and truely has the best of intentions in how he has dealt with his players and his school. Hindsight might show him somethings he’d like to do differently. Isn’t that true for us all. His impact on these men was shown by the ad taken out last year in the Knoxville News Sentinel by tons of former players. He was their coach. They still wanted him to be UT’s coach. That speaks volumes. UT might not have always been in the SEC race or the national picture race, but I’m proud that Tennessee had a coach the caliber of Philip Fulmer. God speed coach. Please don’t let all this come between you and your alma mater. That would be the worst casualty of all. From a loyal fan and alumni of The University of Tennessee.

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