morning e-mail

Cathy –
Is there any food that all of the children will eat other than chicken nuggets?

Mom –
Tommy eats almost anything. He won’t eat tomatoes or brussel sprouts.
Sarah eats white foods. Chicken, pasta and bread. No fruits or veges.
Noah eats meat and ketchup.
Amy eats most foods, but is leaning closer to Sarah’s white diet daily.
Evan nibbles almost anything, if it’s on someone else’s plate.
I can’t think of anything they all eat except chicken. It doesn’t have to be nuggets.

PS – Pizza. They all eat pizza.

One thought on “morning e-mail

  1. I never could keep my kids’ preferences straight. But then, neither could they. One week, one might like broccoli, the next – no way. Same for chicken, mushrooms, onions and green beans. It was ever-changing.

    Now Rich’s kids … Oh. My. Word. Of the three that are still a home, one won’t eat any meat except chicken or turkey. And bacon, but no pork, no beef, no seafood! No tomatoes in any form, no mushroom, no onions – unless they cannot be recognized. No celery either. She does like broccoli, but will not touch chocolate. She loves salads, and puts red pepper flakes on everything.

    Another kid won’t eat tomatoes because they hurt her tummy (pizza night is fun with these two), no fish either, but will eat shrimp. She shares my undying love of chocolate too. However, she does not eat much, but she takes a full plate to her room and there it sits for days and days. Then she either brings the hardened mass and dumps it in the sink, or just puts it outside her window for the dogs to eat.

    The youngest eats everything in sight – except for tomatoes, unless they are in sauce form, and mushrooms – in mass quantities. He is the walking garbage disposal around here. He’s 16, 6 foot tall and no where near done growing.

    Oh, and Rich refuses to consider the possibility of even allowing broccoli to touch his plate. Picky! And won’t eat fresh mushrooms either … canned or cooked is OK. But I now have him eating zucchini and yellow squash if I stir fry it.

    This new household will be a challenge to cook for!

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