Halloween Movies

Ghosts: Ghost Story The Lady in White The Frighteners Poltergeist House Beetlejuice Ghostbusters Zombies: Shaun of the Dead Night of the Comet Vampires: Fright Night – both versions Lost Boys Buffy the Vampire Slayer Love at First Bite Witches: Witches of Eastwick Practical Magic Matilda Bell, Book and Candle Monsters: Tremors Gremlins The Mummy Everything […]

The World’s End – mini review

The World’s End was a lovely satire of maturity. It unraveled a bit at the end and the ‘whatever happened to’ bit could have been better written by fans, but the pub crawl was good fun. My only question is, did anyone else see a similarity in the plot to The World’s End and the […]

Star Trek Into Darkness immediate reaction

Mickey! Sherlock! Buckaroo! So many fandoms. Love, tragedy, courage, violence, betrayal, sacrifice. An extremely familiar line… with a twist. Tribbles. Humor. I have stubbornly denied the 3D revolution, but I now admit that when 3D is used to pull the audience INTO the screen instead of throwing the scenery AT the audience, 3D is spectacular. […]


Movies have devolved into bad CGI or good CGI aka comic books or graphic novels.

Avengers x 2

I love movies. My first job was at a Memphis movie theater because, I wanted to see more movies. The spending money was nice, but it was the movies that motivated me to work while still in high school. It turned out to be the perfect job. The staff of teenagers working for less than […]

Scott Pilgrim vs the World (Non-spoilery Review)

Aspie Caveman went to see Scott Pilgrim vs the World and offers the following review. “It was really fun. If you don’t play video games, you won’t get it.” My get off my lawn response. “You whippersnappers hadn’t even heard of Scott Pilgrim until they decided to make it a movie. Back in my day, […]

non-spoilery movie reviews

Toy Story 3 Beautiful. Fans of the first two Toy Story movies will appreciate the continuity and new fans won’t feel like they’re missing something. Before the movie, I accidentally read an article that said the writers thought about “The Great Escape” when they wrote this movie. I don’t want to spoil “The Great Escape” […]

Batman v Darth Vader

Amy: “I’m Batman and I can beat you up.” Evan: “Well, I’m Darth Vader and I can win without even touching you.” Amy: “Nuh-uh. Batman is better than Darth Vader.” Evan: “Darth Vader is the best bad guy EVER. He always wins.” Amy: “That’s not fair. You love Batman.” Evan: “I love to win. Darth […]

Christmas Movie Marathon

While watching the Rankin/Bass channel aka ABC Family this week, I started mentally composing a list of my favorite Christmas movies. In no particular order, I like to wrap, craft and snuggle while watching: Elf The Santa Claus 1 & 2 (not 3) Die Hard A Christmas Story Mixed Nuts Fitzwilly While You Were Sleeping […]