Batman v Darth Vader

Amy: “I’m Batman and I can beat you up.”
Evan: “Well, I’m Darth Vader and I can win without even touching you.”
Amy: “Nuh-uh. Batman is better than Darth Vader.”
Evan: “Darth Vader is the best bad guy EVER. He always wins.”
Amy: “That’s not fair. You love Batman.”
Evan: “I love to win. Darth Vader wins.”

One thought on “Batman v Darth Vader

  1. When I was their age, Batman was a silly crimefighter with a serious voice and funny villains.

    Later, Batman became a brooding hero whose face kept changing, and had familiar movie actors as the villains.

    Now Batman’s a malevolent anti-hero. To kids, he’s almost a villain similar in look and style to Darth Vader.

    Thank goodness Tim Burton and Christoper Nolan never got a hold of Superman….

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