Three years ago…

This week in 2011, everyone across the state tweeted as the storms pummeled their community. The political nattering was silent as we all supported, encouraged and comforted one another. In real life, neighborhoods worked together to clean up the destruction. The sound of chainsaws was followed by months of construction noise. The memories are still […]

The rules: Southerners must plant things

It doesn’t matter if it’s an apartment balcony of coffee can planters or a carefully rototilled and trellised garden, southerners are compelled to plant things in the spring. It can be a windowsill of Scarborough Fair herbs. It can be a wine barrel of peppers. In the spring, southerners are required to garden. In the […]

Food chain pest control

“Hello? Do you rent animals? Only for parties? Okay. Let’s call it an all week, no guest party. I need a hungry anteater. Do you have a house broken anteater? Oh, that’s okay. I’ll only need one anteater then. Do you have any de-glanded skunks? Great! I would like two, please. How about bats? Bummer. […]

laundry and dishes

It’s time for my annual declaration that this is the spring we are going to put up a clothesline. Our current dryer takes 2-4 times longer than our washing machine AND our dryer is too small for most quilts and sleeping bags. In a few weeks, I will make my annual declaration that there is […]

Signs of spring

Flowers, Ants in the bathroom, Open windows, Sneezing, Short sleeves, Daily gifts from outside cat, Dogs digging up buried cat gifts, Dog vomit, Children who must be water hosed BEFORE their baths, Saturdays on Market Square, Rain and an inexplicable emotional blend of calm, satisfaction, hope and urgency.