Three years ago…

This week in 2011, everyone across the state tweeted as the storms pummeled their community. The political nattering was silent as we all supported, encouraged and comforted one another. In real life, neighborhoods worked together to clean up the destruction. The sound of chainsaws was followed by months of construction noise. The memories are still vivid.

It looks like Mother Nature is having an anniversary party this week. Stay safe everyone.

2 thoughts on “Three years ago…

  1. Last night was really scary. In all my years living in Knoxville, I’ve never gotten any kind of warning that said “take shelter now.” Not being pummeled again by hail was a saving grace. Stay safe — we’re in for more storms tonight.

  2. I’m glad you escaped damage last night. Last night was certainly sleepless. Tonight doesn’t look as ominous. Fingers crossed for nothing eventful.

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