Doug DOES have an accent

There is no “R” at the end of idea no matter how many times he gives a speech about conservation of letters. It is an IDEA and not an idear. That extra r is for me ROLLING my eyes.

I don’t have an accent

Do you pronounce coupon as koo-pon or que-pon? It sounds like que-pon when I say it. Do pin and pen have different pronunciations? They sound the same when I say them. How do you pronounce Jenny? I don’t understand why, but apparently I say it wrong. I still maintain that I don’t have an accent… […]

Christmas letter bloggers

Word of the day: Christmas letter blogger definition – Someone who posts once a week or less about the carefully selected aspects of their life which make them think they are better than the rest of us. example – After getting all the Legos out of the toilet, I was in no mood to read […]

word/diagnosis of the day

Edu-Finance Carpal Paralysis: When the bank account causes the writing hand to become incapable of writing any more checks to schools, school bands or school PTO’s.

meta posting

A week ago, Barry posted something that deserved more attention that it received. June 15, 2007: digital immigrant Someone who grew up before the digital age and is fairly new to the internet. Basically anyone over the age of 28. YouTube is foreign to the digital immigrant. I’m sure that this would annoy all […]

word of the day

imaginary brake: The invisible brake that the passenger in a vehicle uses to telepathically encourage the driver to slow down or stop. There are both hand and foot varieties of imaginary brakes. They are equally effective. Example of the word in use – “If you need me to slow down, you should just say so […]

word of the day

Interstate glitter – The papers and trash strewn about and flying all over the Interstate so that it feels like you are driving in Fred Sanford‘s snow globe.

word of the day

Caveman Sunscreen – The layer of dirt and filth that covers my children after a mere moment outside. Mom says: “I don’t care if it’s your summer vacation, you still have to bathe.” AND “Playing in the sprinkler is NOT the same as taking a bath.”

stupidity elbow

definition: A searing pain that, although centralized in the elbow, radiates all the way down to the wrist and up into the shoulder. It is not until this pain is at its’ worst that you realize it is caused by putting weight on your elbow as you read the words on your monitor. This realization […]

toddler napulation

definition: Putting a toddler into a crib on the speculation that they might take a nap OR they might strip naked and do somersaults for an hour.