Christmas letter bloggers

Word of the day: Christmas letter blogger

definition – Someone who posts once a week or less about the carefully selected aspects of their life which make them think they are better than the rest of us.

example – After getting all the Legos out of the toilet, I was in no mood to read some ‘Christmas letter blogger’ bragging about their perfect children, multiple vacations and constant shopping.

8 thoughts on “Christmas letter bloggers

  1. You mean, like having to replace a phone because the dog ate part of it… I understand the pain. Please oh please don’t tell me that these parts of my phabulous life put me on your list! :->

    PS. Good luck with the Legos. Maybe a colander in the bowl will help?

  2. Christmas letter bloggers would never post anything that makes lawyers flash their fangs. 😉 They would never admit that they love their spouse’s bad side as much as the good side. They are plastic people. You are genuine.

  3. And the dog who ate the Blackberry? She just jumped up on my office chair and gave me a kiss on the nose. I love her too – bad side and all. Even if there are times when I secretly size her up for a nice small furry rug. That’s love. Oh, and I also got my email response back to The Bob put into quarentine because I used a bad word in it. That’s me! And I guess that’s why he loves me. Life is funny like that… that and Legos in the toilet and emo hairdos that cost you your photo fund. But it’s life. That’s what we write. I don’t know how to do it any other way, do you?

  4. Never heard the term, love it, avoid those blogs cause where’s the fun in those. I’m in whine mode this week tho so not much better. I need to take lessons on making my whining interesting.

  5. I hate those Christmas Letters. Seriously. You can be whomever you want to be on the internet. Why be a stuffy, perfect mom?

    I love my friends, warts and all…and I know they wouldn’t have me any other way. So why change?

  6. These would be the same people that need to “dress up” and then use the line “what this old thing” when you see them at Soccer Practice, Little League game, etc.

  7. BTW I love Missybw’s colander idea – cept for one thing…number 2’s. Although we could dry them and market them as organic legos!

    No, no…LINCOLN LOGS!

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