A week of Aspie conversations

Day 1: personal jet packs
Day 2: ninjas
Day 3: Lord of the Rings
Day 4: that time you bumped your knee
Day 5: flying cars
Day 6:Venture Brothers characters
Day 7: owning your own island

Each conversation should be discussed in complete detail with careful attention to the most obscure, never considered aspects. Conversations should fill every waking moment of the day, including, but not limited to, when your potential audience is going potty, talking on the phone and trying to sleep. When conversations are interrupted for short breaks, start the conversation at the beginning again. If the interruption lasts more than an hour, begin mid-sentence, mid-syllable. Your audience can’t be taken seriously when they beg you to change the topic. This is just their way of encouraging your thoughtful analysis of the day’s topic. If you forget the new day’s topic, continue the previous day’s conversation. There is always something new to say.

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