Christmas wish list for bloggers

In no particular order, I wish: KA could see in the mirror the beauty that everyone sees when they look at her. MW would get the job of her dreams. TS could be with her two and four legged loved ones together under one roof. P and her family to have a happy, healthy new […]

deliberately vague

Something tragic happened this week. As the event unfolded, a nasty bottom feeder troll attacked a Mommy blogger when she was down. Other bloggers will not sit quietly and allow a parasite that is on the same level as the horrible church that protests our soldiers to attack one of our own. The real community […]

Mommy Blogger

I ignored the brouhaha the year the women at BlogHer argued over being “just” a Mommy blogger. I am a Mommy and I blog. I have been doing this for a decade now. I’m not embarrassed. I shrugged about the arguments over PR blackouts. If you’re tired of doing product reviews, don’t do them. We […]

My BlogHer Sponsors

I was completely surprised by the people who donated to help Sarah and I get to go to BlogHer in DC. I am very thankful to: Elisa Erin Lisa Lisa Lissa Missy *Natasha Paula Robert Thomas Tracey & GM I’m sure you’re all sending me to hear me blog about something other than laundry and […]

fans and celebrities

I was interviewed for an Australian tech blog last week. I wish I had worked in praise for Australia’s Tony Attwood in the interview somewhere. I’m sure I could have found a way to express my geeky fanboy love for the author somewhere between talking about Elvis impersonators and naked blogging. I doubt if Dr. […]