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I was interviewed for an Australian tech blog last week. I wish I had worked in praise for Australia’s Tony Attwood in the interview somewhere. I’m sure I could have found a way to express my geeky fanboy love for the author somewhere between talking about Elvis impersonators and naked blogging. I doubt if Dr. Attwood would find any satisfaction in the knowledge that a mom on the other side of the world thinks he hung the moon.

Saturday night, a group of Knoxville bloggers gathered to discuss the future of blogging, local sports, television programs and politics. Without the word “anonymous” to hide behind, the conversations remained polite and intelligent. As the newcomers tried to place people with the blogs they author, business cards were exchanged. After talking to the person across from her for an hour, one blogger read his name on the card in her hand. She did a little Jerry Espenson hop in her chair and squeaked out the other blogger’s name. “You’re Glenn Reynolds!” It was both funny and endearing. Afterward, I wondered aloud if the object of her admiration gets any pleasure from his celebrity or if it has gone on for so long that he is over it. I suspect his response differs if it is a sincere admirer as opposed to one of the hateful people who transform what used to be a happy “Instalaunch” into a torch and pitchfork mob attack.

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