dreaming of wakefulness

As I tucked the edges of the blanket that would soon be kicked to the floor under Sawyer, he asked me to lean close so that he could tell me something important. I tilted my head and put my ear near his face. Sawyer popped his arms out of the blanket cocoon and turned my face so that our noses were touching.

“Sweetie, mommy hears with ears.”
“I already know that mom. I need to tell you something now.”
“Okay. I’m listening.”
“Mom, I never fall asleep. I just sit in the bed waiting for it to be time to get out of bed.”
“I understand. Maybe you should make up a pretend story in your head while you are waiting. Put yourself in the book you just finished reading.”

I put his clothes for morning in the cubby with his backpack. I put snacks in backpacks and checked the seasonal appropriateness of the outfit that his big sister had chosen for the next day. I went back to check on Sawyer.

The blanket was on the floor and Sawyer was snoring like a sleeping dragon.

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