Tales from the family bed

Part one:

Sometime between midnight and two in the morning, Sawyer crawls in our bed to snuggle, twirl and steal blankets. It’s something he has always done. The only change in this routine is that for the past year, instead of immediately crawling between us, he stands beside sleeping Dad and softly whispers, “Can I sleep in your bed?” Now, Sawyer’s changing the routine again.

“When I come downstairs tonight, can I get in bed without asking Daddy?”
“Of course you can. Just crawl in and go back to sleep.”
“When I try to ask Daddy, he always jumps out of bed and goes, ‘Gah! What? Gah!‘ Then, you get woke up and I don’t like you getting woke by Daddy going ‘Gah!’ so, I think I should skip Daddy.”
“I agree baby.”

Part two aka The next day:

“Can we get a dumbwaiter?”
“Why do we need a dumbwaiter?”
“If we had a dumbwaiter, I could ride to your bed instead of walking down the stairs in the dark.”
“Maybe Daddy should put a laundry chute in and you could just slide to the basement every night.”
“That sounds awesome! Tell Daddy to build that! Today!”

One thought on “Tales from the family bed

  1. the laundry chute could be useful if you build one for colors, whites etc.
    the question would be would it be finished before all the kids move out of the house
    *insert challenge accepted meme here for Doug”

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