Tommy says:

“People have been cheering all night up here. Everyone is really happy.” Politically involved 18-22 year olds at a very small college in Appalachia are celebrating right now. Instead of screaming and cheering, I weep quiet tears of happiness. Tomorrow, we must begin moving forward as a united nation. As difficult as the past two […]


“But WHY are you supporting Obama? My parents said he ___.” “My parents said they didn’t know what the Charter Amendments were, so they just voted no.” Half a dozen 15 to 17 year-old girls stayed here last night. They grilled me about politics. They were armed with misinformation but eager to discuss issues, ideas […]

making Doug cringe

Me: “Since there’s no school Tuesday, I was thinking about getting all the children to help me paint one of the walls.” Doug: His control-freak alarm bells are ringing so loudly that I could hear them. “Umm, maybe they would have more fun spending the day at the school playground. Everyone could wear Obama shirts.” […]

November 3rd Forecast

Forecast for Monday, November 3rd – Frigid upon arising, but a rapid rise in temperature will create frequent, dangerous storms. Suggested wardrobe choices are asbestos undergarments, flame retardant outerwear and tin-foil hats. During storms, the safest place is away from all electronic devices, media sources and coffee shops. Carpool lines and scout meetings may be […]

the family vote

I have always liked the excitement of voting on election day. It’s political junkie Christmas. This year, with the college freshman voting for the first time, it just seemed wise to be early voters. As always, we loaded up the entire family to visit the polls. “Why do we ALL have to go?” “Because it’s […]

Still undecided?

I don’t think that any of the people who are active Internet participants are truly undecided. I think that although they don’t love either candidate, they have subconsciously weighted the different campaign issues and know in their heart who they need to support. They just say they are undecided while they wait for some magic […]

you-know-where froze over this week

Grandaddy: “Obama WILL be our next president.” Have you met my father? He is unapologetically as conservative, Republican and Southern Baptist as humanly possible. He also believes every bad thing ever said about Obama. It’s getting weird out there.