making Doug cringe

Me: “Since there’s no school Tuesday, I was thinking about getting all the children to help me paint one of the walls.”
Doug: His control-freak alarm bells are ringing so loudly that I could hear them. “Umm, maybe they would have more fun spending the day at the school playground. Everyone could wear Obama shirts.”
Me: “That would upset other people and that is not fun.”
Doug: “Well, maybe they should do something that has to do with the election or presidents. Maybe visit the Obama Headquarters or something.”
Me: “We will use paint that’s a shade of red, white or blue. That’s presidential.”
Doug: Imagining paint everywhere EXCEPT the wall. “I think we should think about this some more before we decide.
Me: “Okay. You do that.”
Doug probably sent a desperate plea out over the IRC: “Help me distract my wife from painting the walls. She’ll do it wrong. Doesn’t anyone need her at some campaign event?”

One thought on “making Doug cringe

  1. Hey Cathy,

    Painting a wall is waaaaaay below your pay grade. You’re the big thinker in the family and you must tend to that, and let Doug to the grunt work. Someone needs to tend to the big picture, and we all know that’s a full-time job.

    (How was that, Doug?)

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