May I have your autograph?

Starving Artist’s senior yearbook was mailed to Knoxville instead of her apartment in the Bronx. “Want me to mail it to you?” “Nah. I’ll get it at Christmas.” “Can I open it?” “Sure.” “Can I have fun with it?” “Do whatever you want.” I’m not going to look it up on Pinterest, but other than […]

they’re not shucking corn

StacheMan: “Cool costume. What’s the event?” Man in full Link garb, complete with pointy ears and an ocarina: “Busking.” Me: “Do you know what that means?” StacheMan: “I’ve heard the word before, but… no.” Me: “He begs for money. People pay him to take his picture.” StacheMan: “Oh.” Me: “After Dad reads this, he’ll explain […]

the world is shrinking

Sarah: “Everybody knew Justin and Adam. Oh, and Z used to be friends with the guy that beat Henry. A bunch of my friends are going to Sundown tonight. Can I go too?” Can I just lock the doors and keep the children home?


Step one: Find the perfect venue for an end of eighth grade party/dance. Step two: Sundown in the City schedule ruins perfectness of venue. Step three: Find different, but equally awesome venue. Step four: Principal changes date of event and neither venue is available. Step five: Pound head on wall for several hours. Step six: […]

keep them behind a locked gate

After meeting opposition at every proposed site, the plan to create permanent supportive housing for the chronically homeless all over Knox County has ended where so many wanted it to be, Lakeshore. Pessimistic voices argue that this keeps the mentally ill homeless near mental health services. Optimistic voices argue that Lakeshore is lovely and one […]

no school left behind

When a very opinionated senior wasn’t entertaining me with his tales and ideas that made me grit my teeth (“You don’t need school if you’re going to pour concrete.”), I spent Saturday listening to people discuss the unacceptable graduation statistics in our school system. While we were separated into smaller groups based on each public […]


This picture was taken three years ago, on Northshore. This is what Northshore looks like on winter mornings around the same time that the elementary bus arrives. It is a dark, dangerous road that has a roadside memorial every few yards. Some of those memorials are recent enough that it is still painful to see […]

Doug says:

Doug: “What would YOU do with the empty strip mall where K-Mart used to be?” Me: “A skating rink would be fun to have nearby.” Doug: “I’d build an entertainment complex with a restaurant/bar and fighting robots.” Me: “Ummm, yeah. I don’t think that’s going to happen.” Doug: “It will if you give away my […]