Doug says:

Doug: “What would YOU do with the empty strip mall where K-Mart used to be?”
Me: “A skating rink would be fun to have nearby.”
Doug: “I’d build an entertainment complex with a restaurant/bar and fighting robots.”
Me: “Ummm, yeah. I don’t think that’s going to happen.”
Doug: “It will if you give away my great idea.”

4 thoughts on “Doug says:

  1. I heard a rumor that a super target, or as Cathy would say “super bullseye store” was being considered. I guess they’d close the Ray Mears store.

  2. I am a bit handicapped. “Doug Says” made me think I was on his blog I guess, lol.

  3. I’m pretty sure Super Target is going in across the street from the Cedar Bluff Kroger. I think the ST reference for the old Kmart is misinformation.

  4. Could very well be. This was from a barrista friend at Barneys. You can’t trust barristas.

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