Dear Dad,

Now that we know your parents are alive, it’s time for you to stop using “this could be the last time” to control everyone’s schedules. Since it is possible that any activity is ANYONE’S last time, everyone could use that expression. If it’s true for everyone, it is redundant to say what is always true. […]

Practice SAT questions

1. If a bottle of 100 Tylenol caplets has one broken caplet, what are the odds that you will get one half of the broken caplet every single time you try to get two whole caplets? 2. If patting a hand rhythmically against anything results in a very large dog crawling in your lap for […]

Jury Duty

Last week, I got summoned for Jury Duty. I spend most of Monday – Friday in the car or in a school, but I got chosen for Jury Duty. There are a bajillion people who don’t have lives that are completely focused on their five children, but they chose me for Jury Duty. Because every […]

December 31, 2010

It’s time to end my self imposed holiday hiatus from blogging and end the chapter that is 2010. How do I wrap up an entire year and file it with other memories? I witnessed several actual and metaphorical trainwrecks this year. Some were slow motion nightmares and others came from nowhere. Mistakes were made and […]

my car is magic

I drive children all over town. This school, that school, scouts, meetings and activities are the dots that I connect day after day. With all that driving, you would think that the gas station is a regular stop on my routes, but it isn’t. My car is magic. It never needs gasoline. Every few days, […]

laundry quickies

Two things to move me toward my unintentional evolution into a laundry blogger: First, I would like my spouse and children to be admitted into the Justice League based on their ability to dematerialize and materialize at will. Evidence of this power is the daily pile of “Night of the Comet” clothing with no evidence […]

Tuesday v Wednesday

Tuesday night: 200 teenagers Wednesday night: Doug & I Tuesday night: poundingly loud music Wednesday night: quiet voices & tapping keys Tuesday night: sequins & heels Wednesday night: jammies & bare feet Tuesday night: standing & running Wednesday night: sitting & relaxing Tuesday night: Good Wednesday night: Great

it’s a marathon, not a sprint

There has been far too much death, illness, injury and loss in the social and IRL community that surrounds me lately. In every instance, people have swarmed to support those in need. Then, they slowly drifted to other places where they felt more needed. I’m going to tell you a secret about women. When there […]

from Monday’s script

click Me: “What’s that…” click Me: “Evan! Stop taking pictures of Mommy.” Evan: “Why?” Me: “Never take pictures in the bathroom.” Evan: “But I’m standing in the hallway.” “Mom? Why are there X’s wiggling all over your phone?” “Stop it.” “You stop it.” “He won’t quit throwing stuff at me.” “He threw it first.” “How […]

Noise louder than thoughts

Doug: “Why is every child in the neighborhood in our house? Send them outside before the walls crumble.” Me: “I need the noise. The laughing, crying, playing and squabbling noise is important. Doug: “As you wish.”