Today’s schedule

Channel 431 aka ABC 7-9 pm LOST recap show 9-11:30 pm LOST series finale 11:30-12:05 weeping and/or gnashing teeth 12:05-1:05 am Jimmy Kimmel’s Aloha to LOST

LOST thoughts (part MDCXLVIII)

I need to scribble my current LOST thoughts so that I can see how far, far off I am after tonight’s show. They center around an idea that Barry suggested. What if, chosen souls don’t die when their bodies die on Lost Island/ancient floating Tardis. Those souls/ghosts are the whispers that are infrequently heard on […]

LOST thoughts

Finally! After the world’s longest hiatus, LOST is back. The final season promos have been almost entirely composed of scenes from previous episodes. There was ONE shot of a familiar character in a brand new scenario, but that disappeared quickly, so I don’t think we’re supposed to have seen it. It changes that particular character’s […]

Wednesdays good/bad

Bad Wednesdays: Drive to preschool. Drive home. Drive to high school. Drive home. Drive to middle school. Drive home. Good Wednesdays: LOST Great Wednesdays: Everyone is FINALLY back on the island!

quickie LOST questions

Is Daniel Faraday Charlotte’s father? Is Sawyer the inspiration for the 4-toed statue? Are Daniel and Richard related? Is one of them the evil twin? Or is Richard Daniel’s father and the teeny soldier with braids Daniel’s mother? Are Adam & Eve, Penny & Desmond? Why is Juliette so calm? Where is Walt?