LOST thoughts (part MDCXLVIII)

I need to scribble my current LOST thoughts so that I can see how far, far off I am after tonight’s show. They center around an idea that Barry suggested. What if, chosen souls don’t die when their bodies die on Lost Island/ancient floating Tardis. Those souls/ghosts are the whispers that are infrequently heard on the island. They are capable of claiming the bodies of the deceased who, I guess, don’t rank high enough to have their souls become immortal. When Ben’s others burned their dead, it was to prevent the bodies from being claimed. When Jacob was murdered without any struggle, it was with the knowledge that he was only losing a body. The man in black lost his body quite some time ago and has been borrowing bodies the duration of the series. This could make the “help me” figure in the ash cabin, Locke’s soul. It would also explain why Claire is the new CFL. What is the title was not about the plane crash survivors being LOST, but the souls who have LOST their bodies?

The problems with this theory are that the souls don’t seem to be loyal to Jacob. Does Jacob bring people to the island because he wants their bodies while unLocke/MIB claims their souls? Wouldn’t immortal souls win over frail bodies every time? Is Crazy Australian Claire’s body inhabited by the one soul who isn’t loyal to anyone? Why did it seem like Ben could control Smokey when Smokey is clearly not following anyone’s orders? Is there more than one Smokey? The first episode, the crash survivors stood on the beach and looked left, right, left as they tracked Smokey’s movements. Were they watching two? Is the controllable one a collective of all the wandering souls on the island? Is the parallel reality something that was created by the explosion or is it just to bug everyone who wants all the action and answers to be ON the island? When unLocke/MIB says he wants to go home, does he mean a place or a time, because I’m voting for the latter.

How can I even claim to have a working theory when all I really have are questions to disprove my own theories?

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