quickie LOST questions

Is Daniel Faraday Charlotte’s father?

Is Sawyer the inspiration for the 4-toed statue?

Are Daniel and Richard related? Is one of them the evil twin? Or is Richard Daniel’s father and the teeny soldier with braids Daniel’s mother?

Are Adam & Eve, Penny & Desmond?

Why is Juliette so calm?

Where is Walt?

3 thoughts on “quickie LOST questions

  1. 1) Ewww…no

    2) I thought possibly before but since it wasn’t referred to at all and he seemed to be walking fine, I doubt it now.

    3) I don’t think Alpert’s related to anyone – I think he’s either one of the original Black Rock crewmen, or even older than that. I do think it’s possible Ellie (the solder girl) is Eloise Hawkins, who is likely Daniel’s mother

    4) Quite possible. I think it’s likely.

    5) Back in the states, still, with Grandma waiting for someone to remember him and tell him dad’s dead.

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