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  1. I see where you’re heading, but I think it’s also true that the rest of the cast was already LOST before they ever landed on the island – in the original timeline that was. We’ve seen multitudes of daddy issues manifest themselves in the LOSTies pasts that resonated through their lives.

    I think it may turn out that Jacob turns out to be a father figure for humanity, and the LOSTies are symbols of how they’re trying to repair that relationship. That’s why there has has has HAS to be a scene between Jack and Christian before the end, tying up their relationship since that’s been the core daddy/son dynamic from the beginning (regardless of whether he’s dead or not).

    I think Jacob’s been trying to find a way to get humanity UnLost, and the MIB is trying to keep them lost.

  2. An alternate theory, that more closely matches what you said, is that Jacob and the MIB are both sons of an absent father – through death, neglect, “tough love” or indifference is unknown. This Father created “The Rules” that they must follow, but only in competition with each other and with the world can they finally redeem themselves. The Father is gone, and the boys are themselves LOST until the game, as boys are want to play, comes to an end. Perhaps they are more like the Biblical Jacob and Esau (or more likely Cain and Abel) than we ever thought.

    Either way, the Daddy Issues has to be played out by the end by relating to the larger story in some major way. If it doesn’t, then the creators of the show have wasted a huge part of what they’ve built in the last 5-ish seasons…

  3. I have trouble taking the father issue as anything other than character development when it is a running theme in so much of JJ’s other work.

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