I’m a socialist

Today’s letters to the editor include more redistribution of wealth will bring ruin of nation anxiety from Knoxvillians. Because I am a trouble maker, I am going to send the author of that letter the cartoon below. Because I don’t want to continue that trouble if the children are in the room, when the extended […]

one quick political story

I know I should only be talking about Halloween, but this afternoon I had to make a last minute purchase at the big party store. While standing in line, I watched a teenage girl put on a pair of ridiculously oversized sunglasses and do a little dance. “My President will be a black man. My […]

you-know-where froze over this week

Grandaddy: “Obama WILL be our next president.” Have you met my father? He is unapologetically as conservative, Republican and Southern Baptist as humanly possible. He also believes every bad thing ever said about Obama. It’s getting weird out there.

And so on and so on and scooby dooby doo-bee

Me: “Which presidential candidate do you like right now?” Sarah: “Not the old guy.” Me: “Why?” Sarah: “Because he’s OLD.” – – – – – – – And, the comments that ended a conversation when I had to bite my tongue. Hard. “I’m surrounded by bleeding heart liberals. If I could vote for GW again, […]