one quick political story

I know I should only be talking about Halloween, but this afternoon I had to make a last minute purchase at the big party store. While standing in line, I watched a teenage girl put on a pair of ridiculously oversized sunglasses and do a little dance. “My President will be a black man. My President will be a black man.” Her joy was contagious. I smiled from earlobe to earlobe. Not only is this the year that people who have felt ignored realize that they matter, this is the beginning of the end of it mattering at all. The teenager wandered off to a different area of the store and a woman in line behind me growled about completely inappropriate behavior in public. If I hadn’t turned around, I wouldn’t have known that the woman was my age, but her skin was the same color as the teenager’s. The woman’s concern was sobering and I felt sad that she knew too much about the hate in this world to celebrate. We can do better. We have to do better.

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