And so on and so on and scooby dooby doo-bee

Me: “Which presidential candidate do you like right now?”
Sarah: “Not the old guy.”
Me: “Why?”
Sarah: “Because he’s OLD.”
– – – – – – –
And, the comments that ended a conversation when I had to bite my tongue. Hard.
“I’m surrounded by bleeding heart liberals. If I could vote for GW again, I would in a heartbeat. The good people in this country are not going to vote for a black man.”
– – – – – – –
Sarah’s comment is stupid, but forgivable, because contrary to what she thinks, she is a child. Age doesn’t make a person unfit. If she wants a president who is physically healthy, she should question which candidate is a smoker. The other comments, well . . . I apologize for offending a relative, but that was racist and I believe that the GOOD people in this country can see beyond skin color and gender. A few of the women who are still having a tantrum because Hillary isn’t the candidate are letting their misandry show. I don’t believe that men need to step back and let women have their turn. I have sons AND daughters. I want them all to be treated fairly. Instead of refusing to vote and helping nobody, how about channeling that energy into something that would do good? There are really just two candidates in the presidential race now. Don’t sit back and demand that they convince you who to vote for in this election. Every word and action of the candidates is recorded somewhere. Decide for yourself. I hate seeing politicians pandering to groups in bowling alleys, bars and wrestling matches. The presidential candidates do not “feel” what it’s like to be a middle class American. They are wealthy, educated, well-traveled and socially connected. I want to know how they will lead this country, not how they like their bbq cooked. With the constant media and blogosphere attention, candidates shouldn’t be wasting all that money on ads and attacks on the other candidates. They should raise money and show Americans how they spend it. McCain should be buying body armor for the troops and campaigning for better military benefits. Obama should be building energy efficient schools and campaigning for environmental reform. Wouldn’t it be nice if campaigns did good? “I am no better and neither are you. We are the same whatever we do.”

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