I’m a socialist

Today’s letters to the editor include more redistribution of wealth will bring ruin of nation anxiety from Knoxvillians. Because I am a trouble maker, I am going to send the author of that letter the cartoon below. Because I don’t want to continue that trouble if the children are in the room, when the extended family gathers for Thanksgiving dinner this year, there will LOTS of subject changing to avoid discussing politics.

One thought on “I’m a socialist

  1. I just read his letter and my impression was different. His central points about greedy rich folks and the decline (and importance) of the middle-class are on-target. Some of the implied supporting assumptions (about redistributing the wealth, taxing the rich, etc.) are overblown right-wing talking points, but they’re not central to the letter and their spurious nature is only obvious if you’re paying close attention to the right… or if you know the letter writer well enough to know that *he* is paying close attention to the right.

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