But this is what you wanted

Democrats in America are frustrated, aggravated and annoyed. We have a President who isn’t refusing to support, endorse or vote on anything the Republicans demand. Our President is constantly trying to reach a compromise exactly like he said he would when we elected him. While he keeps doing what we said we wanted, we are […]

Noah voted

Until they invent a “family” sized voting machine that all the children can squish together and watch, the children take turns accompanying us to the voting machine. Last week, Noah was my voting buddy. “Why isn’t it a touch screen?” “Where’s the keyboard?” “How old is this machine?” “What if you don’t like either one?” […]

local elections – school board version (pt 2)

If you live in the 9th district, your School Board choice can be narrowed down to one simple question. If you want to continue with the representation you have now, Bratton is your candidate. If you want something different, Trainor is your candidate. If you live in a cave and don’t know that both of […]

local elections – school board version

If you live in Knox County’s seventh district, your choice for School Board is Sepesi or Warwick. Both seem like good people with sincere motives. Because of their career histories, both are going to be clear and quick thinkers if there is a crisis. If you want to save vo-tech programs, Warwick is your candidate. […]

signed, Captain Obvious

Dear , Do not go on . The publicity you get will not help you. There really is such a thing as bad publicity. The show’s host will mercilessly mock you and everyone watching will laugh. I will laugh at you, instead of with you. Carefully edited clips will saturate the web as your name […]

Not my cup of tea

Embarrassed this happened in TN: “Eavesdropping on the Pajamas Media livestream is interesting stuff. Bridget Geegan Blanton of Smart Girl Media was just asked how she handles those awkward moments when she’s volunteering at a voter registration drive and a Democrat tries to register to vote with her. “The law requires me to give (a […]

no unbiased politics here

Tommy is taking a political science class this semester. I have avoided discussing the class with him, because he needs to learn concepts instead of opinions. That was a mistake. Today, he made a post on his blog that is really a cry for help with his first politics paper. Here is an excerpt: “The […]

Dear schools,

Please allow my children to watch the President’s speech to students on Tuesday at noon. I believe that it is important for students to be encouraged to do their best. I think that the office of President deserves respect and recognition. If my child’s class will not be watching the speech, please let me know […]

we need disclaimers

Since our state legislators’ reaction to news is to pass measures of support on the very least effectual issues, I propose all Tennessee bloggers, letter writers and columnists add some standard disclaimers at the bottom of their work. How about: *The appropriate response to this information is not time and expense creating a measure of […]