Dear schools,

Please allow my children to watch the President’s speech to students on Tuesday at noon. I believe that it is important for students to be encouraged to do their best. I think that the office of President deserves respect and recognition. If my child’s class will not be watching the speech, please let me know asap so that I can make arrangements for them to watch it elsewhere.


The elementary school will NOT be showing the President’s speech to students.

5 thoughts on “Dear schools,

  1. My entire long weekend has been ruined by the fact I even had to write such an email to my kid’s schools.

  2. Our elementary school is banning the speech completely. I am embarrassed that adult fear and anger is being taught to school children.

  3. I assume you got the same “3 reasons not to” email that I did. I still haven’t heard from the middle school.

  4. Those reasons were unacceptable. All they had to do was record the speech and show it later today or tomorrow. Teachers were not given the freedom to choose. The speech was just censored from the school.

    BMS is showing it in selected classrooms throughout the week. Yay!

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