ice cream does not equal murder

Several times a year and in multiple environments, I have to pull out the tired, old dinosaur statistic that murder rates go up when ice cream sales go up. Eventually, everyone will recognize that statistics are not enough. The “most single parents live in poverty” statistic ignores the fact that people with severe mental or […]

I’m a socialist

Today’s letters to the editor include more redistribution of wealth will bring ruin of nation anxiety from Knoxvillians. Because I am a trouble maker, I am going to send the author of that letter the cartoon below. Because I don’t want to continue that trouble if the children are in the room, when the extended […]

Dear TN legislators,

If your number one priority for the coming year is going to be making sure that women have to cross state lines for abortions, I just KNOW that you will also be making sure that there are laws and financial resources to do the following: 1. Make sure that ALL women have prenatal care. 2. […]

Tommy says:

“People have been cheering all night up here. Everyone is really happy.” Politically involved 18-22 year olds at a very small college in Appalachia are celebrating right now. Instead of screaming and cheering, I weep quiet tears of happiness. Tomorrow, we must begin moving forward as a united nation. As difficult as the past two […]


“But WHY are you supporting Obama? My parents said he ___.” “My parents said they didn’t know what the Charter Amendments were, so they just voted no.” Half a dozen 15 to 17 year-old girls stayed here last night. They grilled me about politics. They were armed with misinformation but eager to discuss issues, ideas […]

November 3rd Forecast

Forecast for Monday, November 3rd – Frigid upon arising, but a rapid rise in temperature will create frequent, dangerous storms. Suggested wardrobe choices are asbestos undergarments, flame retardant outerwear and tin-foil hats. During storms, the safest place is away from all electronic devices, media sources and coffee shops. Carpool lines and scout meetings may be […]

the family vote

I have always liked the excitement of voting on election day. It’s political junkie Christmas. This year, with the college freshman voting for the first time, it just seemed wise to be early voters. As always, we loaded up the entire family to visit the polls. “Why do we ALL have to go?” “Because it’s […]

one quick political story

I know I should only be talking about Halloween, but this afternoon I had to make a last minute purchase at the big party store. While standing in line, I watched a teenage girl put on a pair of ridiculously oversized sunglasses and do a little dance. “My President will be a black man. My […]

one week left vent

I am as frustrated and ready to move beyond this election as everyone else is right now. After YEARS of blogging without haters, I have gotten it multiple times this week. Instead of dragging it out over multiple posts and different social networks, let’s just make a few things clear so that everyone can have […]

Dear candidates,

Why is this campaign focused on people named Joe who have six packs abs and plumbing apprenticeships? There are seven people in this house and none of them fit those categories. You can put a lot of other labels on us, but when you do toss one of our labels around like a wooden carrot […]