Amy’s letter to Santa

Amy's letter to Santa 2008
The love for Santa and the desire for a Barbie whose shoes will immediately disappear seems normal for a 6-year old. The rest of the letter confuses me. The ride from Santa and the bell can be lumped together and blamed on The Polar Express. Before this letter, The Polar Express was just a Christmas movie with creepy animation and 50-year-old Eddie Deezen‘s unique voice coming from the mouth of a small child’s character. Now it’s the object of my daughter’s fascination and the motivation behind an impossible gift. We don’t get snow in Knoxville. I guess I could call and see if there is a Santa operating helicopters in Pigeon Forge, but I seriously doubt it and the price makes it a ridiculous activity for a small child. Scratch ride with Santa off of the list. Then, there’s another explosion of happiness that is either directed at Santa or the sleigh ride. I’m not sure. The last thing she asks for is a Chihuahua. She didn’t see the much advertised movie about the tiny dogs, so why is she asking for one? Ignore the why is she asking and ponder the idea of a fragile dog in a household with two German Shepherds, five children and an endless rotation of other neighborhood children. The very thought of it is Chihuahua abuse. Sorry, Amy. No Chihuahua dog. This is followed by some pretty extreme gushing adoration for Santa and a little show of concern for his safety on that ride with her new dog. I have seen many Santa letters from my children over the years, but this is easily the most unattainable wish list ever. While this may go well with the fact that there is nothing stashed away for Amy yet, it doesn’t help me make her Christmas Day special either. Next year I will be handing the children a red bullseye store ad and requesting that the letters include pictures from the flyer.

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  1. too bad you can’t get your hands on that Vet Barbie. I’m sure there was a Chihuahua in the box with her. See that way you could get two gifts in one. I am sure there are plenty of stuffed Chihuahuas in the stores now, maybe you could plead that Santa got confused……hmmmm, now that sounds like a plan. Unfortunately for me, there isn’t much confusion in Kaylea’s wish – a Wii Fit – only confusion here is how are we going to pay for it???????????

  2. I play Santa through the holiday season and I share your pain. For some reason the new Santa mythology created by the Polar Express has really crept into my visits this year. I’ve had more children than usual ask for a reindeer bell and/or a ride in my sleigh. I still don’t have a good answer for those requests yet.

    As for dogs, ponies, etc., I usually make it a point (unless the parent is giving me a definite “yes” signal) that Santa’s elves don’t make ponies/puppies, etc., but I’m sure they would love to make something special for her and I’ll leave it under the tree.

    It was an odd year for requests as most children have swamped me with requests for electronics/video game systems, and other high ticket items (ATVs, dirt bikes, etc.). I sure hope that Santa is recession proof in those households.

    I was surprised to have one child specifically request a Raggedy Anne doll. In my own mind I had to wonder if they even made those anymore. After all, she doesn’t talk, shoot lasers, play videos, walk, or use batteries. I hope the kids gets one.

  3. There’s a kid in my son’s class who is from a very large family (he’s oldest and they had seven kids when he was 10, which was the last time I checked – could be more now) and they got a chihuahua. I remember wondering how they expect to keep the poor dog alive in this household… I wouldn’t get one either. My 16yo is nearsighted and refuses to wear glasses, he might step on the poor doggy by accident. Interestingly enough, my Sheltie always gravitates towards chihuhuas at doggy parks. He thinks he’s a small dog.

  4. I’m glad you posted this; I’ve been dying to know what she said that made you swallow your gum.

    When we were little, we three kids were given a highlighter–a different color for each of us. We would go through whatever catalog and circle what we wanted. I think that would work well for you too.

    I wonder whether she wants a dog that’s closer to her own size or that she can carry around in a purse. I agree that you probably don’t have the most Chihuahua-friendly house–although my sister’s boyfriend has both a German shepherd and a Chi and they love each other. But back to the point: I agree with Jennilu about the stuffed dog. A couple of years ago I got my niece a dog that came in a purse-like bag; she was always fascinated by the one I carry my Chi in.

    Last, I laughed at Goldie’s comment–my dog thinks she’s huge. She induced a pit bull to tuck and run at the Morrell PetSmart when she was 3 months old.

    Um, so good luck!! 🙂

  5. Mast General has a variety of purses with small stuffed toy animalinside (they have tiny ones and medium ones.)Last year we gave the chihauhau in a black purse with pink leopard spot trim, and the recipient still sleeps with it!

  6. I think the bell is a common thing this year, and not necessarily due to Polar Express. Bug asked for one this year. I think she’s on the cusp of not believing anymore, and that’s her way to validate Santa is “real.”

    As far as the Chihuahua, did she see Beverly Hills Chihuahua? That could be the root of that request.

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