Dear Santa,

The children have written letters to Santa. The youngest two want rides on his sleigh. The middle child wants a little bit of everything. The teenage girl is asking for things that she shouldn’t have to ask for as a gift. The teenage boy whose first semester at school suffered because of excessive electronic gaming is only asking for electronic gaming items. I can’t decide if I want to laugh or cry.

3 thoughts on “Dear Santa,

  1. I want a new nannyshare partner, a working cross-site security system for my Rails CMS, and two weeks off work.

    Now you know what to get me.

    (I’m getting myself that third thing.)

  2. My son has lost two ipod nano’s in the past 2 years. One I got him for his birthday and another he got with money that relatives gave him. All he is asking for this year is another ipod and some video games. I always get him the higher dollar thing he asks for because his dad is on disability and can’t afford anything. But I know he will likely lose it.

    Parenting does present some interesting dilemmas.

  3. We got off easy this year. We tend to combine the 13yo’s b-day and Christmas presents, as his bday is in October. This year he got an XBox360 (that he actually chipped in for), Rock Band II and an XBox live subscription. The 16yo always has the same request, CASH.

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