“planning” in public

I spent a LOT of time as a member or chair of various committees and coalitions. In between the serious conversations, number crunching and careful planning, there was the ‘other’ stuff. For the privacy of all involved in that stuff, I will give a completely ridiculous, partially reality based, fictional example of that stuff. Let’s […]

social media reactions

Far left: Rapidly tweeting the one-liners that late night comedians will use all week. No credit will be given to original authors. *Far right: Scolding left on their disrespectful use of humor on such a serious occasion as the creation of a worse enemy. Bush fans: The President had nothing to do with this event. […]

Dear TechCrunch,

Baloney. Teenagers don’t like Twitter because their PARENTS use it. Who wants to go to a party with their mom? Twitter is also fundamentally different than Facebook. Twitter users like to talk politics and breaking news with random silliness thrown in to try and lighten the mood. Facebook is all about quizzes and random silliness […]

ode to Social Media: non-profits

Non-profits quietly and thanklessly work to improve the lives of people and the world in which we live. Yet, most people don’t know that they exist. Non-profits need to dive head first into the social media pool. Use every possible opportunity to tell the world who your agency is, what you do and why you […]

ode to Social Media – first verse

I won’t tell you exactly what Social Media is, because it is a unique experience for each user. I can tell you what it isn’t. Social Media is not an advertising campaign. If you think you can spam Twitter and bill a clueless client, you need to have your keyboard taken away. As a consumer, […]

they’re not listening

Me: “It would really be great if you had a social media person at your company.” Customer Service Rep aka Dude: “Do you mean advertising?” Me: “No. A social media person would monitor all the social networking sites for any mention of your company and help people find the right contact for their concern.” Dude: […]