they’re not listening

Me: “It would really be great if you had a social media person at your company.”
Customer Service Rep aka Dude: “Do you mean advertising?”
Me: “No. A social media person would monitor all the social networking sites for any mention of your company and help people find the right contact for their concern.”
Dude: “We have a 1-800 number.”
Me: “That’s good, but when someone says something bad about your company on a social network, it can quickly escalate into a PR nightmare that could have been prevented by something as simple as “How can we help” being said to the complainer.
Dude: “Umm, I think there’s an e-mail address on the corporate website.”
Me: “A social media person doesn’t just help with problems. They let people know what a company is doing right. They could create an interactive area on your corporate website.”
Dude: “Uh, okay. I’ll think about it.”
Me: “I’ll keep an eye out for your company’s blog.”
Dude: “Our what?”

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