recycling don’ts

It’s time for yet another installment of: “Things Knoxvillians need to quit putting in their recycling cans.” food – Your garden can recycle it, but the waste collectors can’t. adult or infant diapers – Yuck! syringes, needles, sharps and anything that has been used to penetrate skin – I know your doctor taught you how […]

recycling doesn’t pay

When our trash company added an improved recycling service, we called immediately to get our recycling can and join the program. When the brand new can was delivered at our curb with no directions, I called for more information. The service was incredibly easy and uncomplicated, but it only took one week for us to […]

family traditions – thanking the trash collectors

The trash day closest to Christmas, we always put a six pack of soda in plastic containers on top of the can with a bow. It’s not much, but I don’t think they would feel comfortable with the much preferred baked goods. Trash collection is thankless, very important and not at all economically lucrative. Not […]

bad mommy

“Mom, where’s my *stick collection?” “Your what?” “My sticks. I collect one everywhere I go.” Suddenly I have an image of the pile of dirty, broken, bug infested kindling that I found **under the kitchen table and threw in the trash. “Umm, I think it got accidentally thrown away..” Begin crying, wailing and moaning that […]

How to: Get rid of a sofa

No class method – Roadside sofas Drive to North Knoxville. Find a road with several sofas littering the roadsides. Put your sofa with its’ peers. Drive away. I’m not sure why people do this or how they get away with this big time littering, but it is clearly a popular practice. College student method – […]