How to: Get rid of a sofa

No class method – Roadside sofas
Drive to North Knoxville. Find a road with several sofas littering the roadsides. Put your sofa with its’ peers. Drive away. I’m not sure why people do this or how they get away with this big time littering, but it is clearly a popular practice.

College student method – Bonfire
It doesn’t matter if it’s one sofa or a dozen sofas, you set those suckers on fire and sit around watching them burn. I’m surprised college students aren’t regularly hospitalized for inhaling what must be toxic sofa fumes. I’m equally perplexed as to how poor college students regularly have multiple sofas to burn. Perhaps they collect the roadside sofas to fuel their bonfires.

Environmentally incorrect method – Put with trash
Disassemble bottom and arms of sofa to rediscover all the small toys that have been missing for months and years. Call trash service to request a large item pickup. Put sofa at your curb with a six-pack of unopened sodas for the trash collectors who have to deal with your heavy, stinky sofa.

Future “How to” posts will list options for getting rid of the evil cat that peed all over the sofa and alternative seating choices for a living room with no sofa.

3 thoughts on “How to: Get rid of a sofa

  1. Good to know! I happen to have a sofa and HUGE matching chair taking up space in my garage. I’ll have to consider these methods.

    I’ll probably consider Freecycle, too…cuz, well, it’s much more environmentally friendly. Besides, the mice who live in my garage deserve a nice, heated home for the winter. Muah ha ha ha.

  2. Actually I wouldn’t be so hard on the No Class Method. Both ours and my parents’ first sofas came from the curb. This is a very good option to have when your family income is $0.00.

  3. our method has been the truly white trash leave it out on the side of the house so it looks even worse than it until hubs & one of his buddies takes it to the dump-we are at 4 months and counting

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