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Alphas is very much an X-Men and Heroes blend, but their ‘big bad’ this season makes them a different flavor than their influences. As much as I love what they are doing, most people won’t. The first tweet I saw this morning referenced teachers complaining about spectrum students in their classroom. Our state defunded an Autism service provider and said schools should be the providers of the many treatments used to help Autistic children. The comments on newspaper articles about special needs children are vile. Having been personally told by teachers and parents that they think our children should be in institutions, I am fully aware that most people without a spectrum child in their family would like our children out of sight AND out of mind. This bodes poorly for the NT population’s acceptance of the Alphas characters and storyline. Regrettably, I expect Alphas to be a one or two season series. Before they disappear, I would love to know if one of the Alphas writers has a spectrum child because, as the magic 8-ball says, all signs point to yes.

Someone needs to explain to *Eureka‘s Henry that you aren’t borrowing something when you know you are going to break it. Henry owes some children a new baseball bat. Make that bat with Beverly’s bones so that her character will quit coming back to ruin the fun of the sheriff’s physical comedy.

I am sure that the Comic-Con incident with Wil Wheaton was entirely the fault of the stalker/fan, but I can’t help but notice the similarities in Mr. Wheaton’s Eureka character and his Big Bang character. Is playing a jerk his way of countering his true nature or is it revealing his deep desire to be a giant pita?

I’m enjoying the political backdrop and guest stars on this season’s Torchwood. Last week, I saw each of the characters being placed in dangerous situations and knew somebody wouldn’t survive. What happened was still horrible. Torchwood’s tagline should be Gwen’s quote, “It only ever gets worse.” The writers seem to have forgotten who Jack is and they have been giving him awkward and out of character dialogue. I may still be mad at Jack for not telling Ianto that he loves him, but I want the Jack that we know and love back this season.

I understand that Mad Men is AMC’s primary source of ratings and expenses, but I will be very disappointed if AMC can’t scrape together the budget to let Breaking Bad finish putting all the dominos in place for Walter’s complete transformation from caring teacher to Midas who destroys to feed his greed. Then, let the dominos fall to end the series.

SyFy + Monday night = Good tv

*Aaaaand SyFy cancelled Eureka. I guess they needed another time slot for wrestling.

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  1. I’m woefully behind on Alphas…but I’ve got them stacked up on the DVR to watch. Honestly the pilot left me cold and it’s not high on my rotation of shows to watch as soon as possible. (Eureka, Breaking Bad, Rescue Me…those are watch ASAP for me).

    As for BB, Vince Gilligan has said he had a four season plan for the show. With season one cut short by the writer’s strike, he’s amended it for five. I think AMC will do the right thing and give him the time needed to tell the story. The backlash would be huge.

    As for Eureka, it’s just one less reason to watch Syfy…and why I try not to get too invested in their shows.

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