random tv thoughts

Bones – I have my fingers crossed that Cyndi Lauper‘s appearance on next week’s Bones is used to promote her wonderful Forty to None Project.

Fringe – We’ve been rewatching season one before the final six episodes of the series. I highly recommend it. The change in perspective makes my disappointment in Olivia’s lack of contribution to this season slightly less bothersome. The evolution of what happens later is much clearer in retrospect.

30 Rock – I wish that one of the final episodes could have been a live show.

NBC – The scrolling marquee asking customers to intervene in your dispute with a cable provider (that I don’t use) is only reminding me why I watch very few programs live. It is obnoxious and distracting. Stop punishing your viewers. We can watch programs without your ads all over the screen elsewhere. Viewers, stop tolerating this abuse.

ABC Family – Thank you for the 25 days of Christmas programming every year. It helps me stay awake during my all night Christmas eve wrapping marathons. That said, please stop putting your ads on the screen during other programs. See above.

SyFy – Please renew Alphas. The show had just started to break free from looking like Heroes/X-Men and was finally giving the characters multiple dimensions. Do it for Gary. Also, thank you for Haven.

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