Bumpy Day

Hump Day. Wednesdays are the middle of the work/school week. It’s the day that sends us sliding down the hill toward the weekend. Wednesday is a metaphorical bump in the road. Sometimes, Wednesday is less of a playground equipment ladder to climb and more of an obstacle course. It began with a ringing phone, except […]

This story is background for another story

The weekend before Christmas, I asked everyone to help me scrub a layer of dust and dog hair off of everything in the house. Let me be more specific. My exact words were, “I need everyone to help clean the house this weekend. We have company coming over and there is dog hair and dust […]


The weather is getting colder and most people are dragging out their winter clothes. It seems like animals should be growing winter coats to prepare for their five minute excursions outside for potty breaks. My two black German Shepherds have decided instead to shed their fur in giant clumps and single hairs on every surface […]

Dogs are children too

If you ask the question, “Would the dogs prefer a sliced or unsliced antler?” And you answer it, “Let’s get one of each and see which they prefer.” Then you will spend an entire day saying things like, “Stop that growling right now.” And, “Be nice. Kisses. Be nice.” Until you finally say, “Find a […]

I’m a dog toy

Our washing machine is tucked underneath a staircase. At least half a dozen times a day, I am standing at that washing machine to sort, spray, load or unload laundry. At least half a dozen times a day, one or two dogs stand on the stairs with their head poking between the railings to watch […]

Dog tales

When I sit down at my computer, the dogs consider it a challenge to become the objects of my attention. They sneak up and smack my mouse hand with their heads. They lick my elbows. They put their heads in my lap and make sad eyes. They lick my elbows. They toss their metal food […]

Ick. Ick. Ick.

Evan: “I buried the mouse that the cat killed.” Me: “Thank you for being so helpful. You didn’t bury it with your hands did you?” Evan: “No. It had some red stuff, so I ran over it with my bike to get all the red out. Then, I buried it. I used a shovel.”

mice are tasty

It is extremely common for the pet store to be sold out of the frozen rodents that make our snake happy. Since most people haven’t discovered how pleasant and easy snakes are as pets, it doesn’t seem like frozen mice would EVER be difficult to find. Our mice come from a local breeder, so the […]