A message from the kittens

Once again, the human with the giant claw hands has failed to properly photograph us. Today, she gave us a bath despite our wails of complaint, fed us our bottles that run out of liquid before we are properly satiated and put us in a laundry basket to fully insult our dignity. We tried valiantly to hop out of the laundry basket while the human scrubbed the guinea pig cage that we refer to as kitten jail. The human put us back in the cage, clean and fed. Then, she wandered off to find her camera.

We got bored.

The non-clay litter that we are actually starting to use for its intended purpose needed us to wrestle in it and get it stuck in our damp fur. We tried to hide the mess by kicking the litter alllll over kitten jail. Then we got confused and used the litter that wasn’t in the litter box.

The claw handed human shouldn’t have taken three minutes to find her camera.

We don’t understand why the human only wants to photograph us after a bath. We think we are adorable even when we have poop on our heads. Humans are so picky.

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