Just took Sarah and her friend to my mother’s so they could have a sleepover without loud, messy siblings around. The drive over was hellish as Tommy irritated Doug and Doug snapped and cursed. I wish that Doug would do some soul searching about how he really feels about Tommy. Unfortunately, sending Tommy to live with his birth father for a while just isn’t an option.

Amy didn’t want to go to bed without her sister in the room. “Ra-ra ?” We have a baby monitor in the room and it so sweet to listen to the two girls whispering at night. Amy was too tired to keep up the fight. Noah fell asleep 5 minutes into Fantasia. Tommy is stretched out on the couch absorbing the movie. I am going to get a load of laundry started and go craft in bed while drinking an IBC black cherry (yum). I might make some popcorn later. The temperature outside is in the teens but the woodburning stove is blazing and our room feels wonderful. If we had a gate around the stove Amy and I would stay down there and play on cold days.

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